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The Concierge is a newsletter series from Proof&Co. designed as your curated wayfinding guide through the ever-expanding world of independent typography. It's the best way to discover the hidden font gems and global foundries.

How it Works:

Every two weeks, your email inbox will receive a curated, thematic list of typefaces hand-picked from years of research and data — some being groundbreaking new releases, and some being proven stalwarts, but all from independent foundries from around the globe.

The Concierge takes the grunt work out of hunting for that perfect font. Each list comes with details, commentary, recommendations on how best to use the font, and buying information.

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The Archive:

In addition to receiving all future lists, all Concierge subscriptions come with access to the most recent 15 lists. Proof&Co. will be publishing compendiums of all legacy lists in batches of 10 as they become available. Subscribe today!

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An email newsletter publishing every two weeks with each issue being a researched and insightful guide to themes and genres from across the typographic map.

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The Concierge

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